We are now closed, as of January 1st, 2015.
A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to our wonderful clients. Thank you for supporting us through the years.
Jen McWalters is now teaching at Core in Providence.
Jay Moran is doing fitness training at Body Soul Inspired Personal Training. He is also available for Massage Therapy by appointment.
To reach us:
Jen: JenMcWalters@gmail.com
(401) 261-6325
Jay: MoranTherapeuticMassage@gmail.com
(774) 218-0930


"LOVED my first experience at Jen McWalters Studio:) James welcomed me with a warm smile and spirit. Class was amazing and I was able to focus on areas in my body that really needed help/attention. James is a very knowledgeable, supportive and caring instructor. "
- Tiffany N.

"Professional and caring trainers in a very nice studio with state of the art equipment. I can highly recommend this studio to anyone who is serious about strengthening the core."
- Anonymous

"I had doubts about joining a class (I have more of a lone runner personality when it comes to being active) but Pilates turns out to be the best thing I could have done. It was recommended by my physical therapist after recovery from an injury. I asked how I would feel after class, and she said "Strong!". That sold me, since many of the soft tissue injuries in my life are from weakness or overuse. Jen and her instructors have all been encouraging, and the variety of classes and approaches has kept me interested. I don't think I'm ever going to get bored, as I find the more I learn, the more I am challenged in class."
- Anonymous

"I love starting my Sunday mornings with James. He always takes the time to explain each position and help me get the most out of each movement. I feel peaceful and about a foot taller every time I leave."
- Megan Conaty

"Return on Investment (ROI) is important in business and in how I feel: one private session per week and one 3/4 hour group stretching pay dividends for the remaining 166 hours in the week: that's 10,000% ROI per week! Thank you Jen McWalters Studio for managing my investment in time and health."

"I enjoyed my first beginner session with Alice. She is knowledgeable and patient."